Ezzi (ezerete) wrote,

С новым годом, ребята! / Happy New Years! <3

YES, to answer adri_an's question, YES, we do celebrate New Years Eve in Norway! Doesn't everybody?! In Norway we celebrate Christmas (24th of December in the evening, protestant Lutheran church) and New Year! So basically 24th-2nd of January is holidays for us. I've spent most of these days working when it's not red days, so I haven't had much of a christmas holiday this year... sadly. But I do have some cool news, and a lot of things to write about now that I finally have holidays and much more time on my hands!!!

I missed my blog and all my readers very much, and I will update you all as has been promised so long. But firstly, I wish to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEARS, с новым годом вам! I wish you all happiness, new experiences and opportunities, and I hope you will continue reading my blog and leaving me interesting comments and questions, I appreciate it very much.

What are your plans for the New Year? I'm making a dinner with my friends; turkey dinner kind of American/British style, with gravy (brown sauce) and lots of vegetables. For dessert we are going to have Riskrem with strawberry sauce, riskrem is like a rice pudding, very creamy and sweet dessert. I will take photos of it and show you in my next post, I think I will make a post with personal photos of my christmas and new years! And of course, I almost forgot, I'll drink red wine and at 12:00 I will pop open a champagne as is the tradition for me during new years! Hope you all have a good time tonight! Party on!

See you very soon with many updates to follow <3

Again, happy new year, folks! :)

Tags: eve, evening, happy, happynewyear, new, new year, newyears, party, years, новымгодом
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