Ezzi (ezerete) wrote,

Dear readers, here's a little update for you!

Привет всем! I would like to apologize for not being here for awhile... so just a little update for those who actually read my blog regularly; I am in the middle of exam periods and quite busy, so busy my Chernobyl post has come to be last priority on my list of daily doings, and for that I am sorry :(  After my last exam in the middle of December, I will go back to blogging more frequently, and I hope you guys will stick around until then, because I miss reading your comments and writing about my travels and things I do.

From the book I am reading about nation building in modern Russia (Vera Tolz; "Inventing the Nation Russia").

Right now I am preparing for my first exam in Russian politics, it is quite interesting as it covers everything from Peter the Great, until Putins political and economical reforms all the way up to 2014, and everything inbetween. Learnt a lot about political reforms and political movements during the history of "modern Russia", and the idea of the nation and state of Russia and how they differ. I will write more detailed about my thoughts about it after my exams:)

The other exams are in phonetics and grammar of the Russian language. The first semester has covered everything from declensions of nouns, aspect, conjugations including exceptions, all cases in singular and plural, imperative, comparative, as well as general speech, syntax analysis and exceptions of regular grammatical rules. Translations from Norwegian-Russian and Russian-Norwegian is also another important part of our studies. That's a lot of information to process in 3 months and take exams in! Luckily for me I knew lots of it from before, but I learn new things every day, and now I feel more confident in why certain things are written the way they are, and able to explain and understand WHY it is the way it is.

Studies of the Russian language from a more academical perspective has made me fall more in love with the actual structure of the language and its origins... although some of syntax even confuses Russians on my degree. Russians who would like to become teachers or professors of Russian language here in Norway - I have noticed even them struggling on some grammatical and phonetical tests, which just proves how difficult this language can be, even for natives... now, the level of the first semester is ridicilously high, and I really do wonder what challenges we will face during the 2nd and 3rd semester on this degree... and even further... I'm scared  to say the least, but I am pulling through.

More info about my studies for those who are interested in what we are actually learning about Russia will come after exams, as well as the post about Chernobyl I have promised! :)

WIsh me luck on my exams, and I will talk to you all soon <3

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