Ezzi (ezerete) wrote,

Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine / Майдан Незалежности, Киев, Украина

Hey, guys! Some photos of Independence Square I took during my walks... and the aftermath / memorials from 2014 protests. Already looking quite good there, there was a huge road next to the square with a photo of every person who died during the protests. I tried not to take too many photos, I generally try not to take too many photos of memorials during my travels, as it might seem a bit disrespectful, and there was a lot of people standing around the memorial sites. Comments, anyone? Anyone who actually saw how it looked like in 2014? Or the aftermaths after it? I'll be glad to hear any personal stories.. Sadly I did not have any guide or anything in Kiev, as I don't know anyone there. :( So I just explored myself, and did some research online prior to going, and after coming home.

Next posts will be about prices in Kiev, and Chernobyl + Pripyat :) I'll be uploading A TON of photos I took in Chernobyl, I can't wait to share them, I look forward to it! :D Anyway, here are some photos of the central square;


Tags: independence square, kiev, memorial, photo, photography, photos, travel, ukraine, ukrainia, город, киев, путешествие, украина
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