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The streets of Kiev, Ukraine / На улицах Киева, Украины

The first day in Kiev, upon arrival, I spent sightseeing, walking around through several places in the centre of Kiev. Of course that includes Maidan (Independence Square), and plenty of orthodox churches! I will make another post about Maidan, as I think there are already plenty enough of photos of random streets and churches around Kiev, and Maidan deserves its own post in my opinion. I've always wanted to visit Kiev, especially considering Kievan Rus, the city of churches and the birthplace of all of Rus... all the legends and battles and stories, and I wanted to see this place with my own eyes... I was NOT disappointed, what a BEAUTIFUL city!

However one thing surprised me... why everything is written in Ukrainian, but everyone (almost everyone in Kiev anyway) speaks Russian? I know people speak Ukrainian in the provinces, etc.. but it was impossible to find any Russian menu, even though the waiters in restaurants and shops and I spoke Russian to eachother. Very strange for me. Can anybody explain that to me? I asked one Ukrainian, who said they just speak Russian at home from way back, but he couldn't exactly explain why everybody else spoke Russian.

Anyway, photos;

View from the top of the tower, St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery :)

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery at night... <3

St. Andrew's church. Sadly it was under renovation, and I could not enter it, and half of front of it was covered... but at least I got a photo of the top of the church. :(

St. Sophia's cathedral.

Sofiyskaya Square, with Saint Sophia's cathedral in the background.

Andrew the Apostle (left), Olga of Kiev (middle), and Saints Methodius and and Cyril (right). My three idols, hahaha!

In the museum next to St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, I found this bracelet... definitely viking, don't you think? ;)

In the museum of St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery. A model of the monastery.

Old Church Slavonic looks so beautiful... At one point I even considered to learn it, but then I realised I must be crazy to do that :D

How insanely beautiful isn't this? I could look at such paintings and icons and orthodox churches for days...

Traditional clothing = love. And yes, it crossed my mind to buy it, and yes, I did buy a traditional female Ukrainian outfit.... don't judge. ;)


Hope you guys enjoyed the photos of streets and churches in Kiev... :) Maidan is up next - and some about Ukrainian food I have tried during my trip, and of course, let's not forget about Chernobyl, which is probably what I am the most excited to write about (I really like abandoned places, alright? Hahahha).

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