Ezzi (ezerete) wrote,

Ukraine, Kiev / Украина, Киев - Родина мать

I'm just chilling by the tanks.

Hey again dear readers! :) I am back from Ukraine, and back to my normal daily life. The trip was amazing, and I have so much to write about and tell you about, but I will do it gradually. First I wanted to share some photos of Родина Мать with you, as I am sure most of you have already seen (maybe even in real life?). It was so tall, and really beautiful. I even visited the war museum underneath it, which showed a lot of objects from World War 2, with a focus on Ukraine during WW2, especially Kiev. It was a museum well worth visiting, and perhaps I will even share photos of this museum with you? But most important is the statue, and the amazing tanks on the square, not to mention the soviet sculptures nearby, with churches and a beautiful sunset really made this day complete. I combined this day with the Chernobyl museum, which I might also make a post about, although it was quite dark in there, but I got a lot of interesting information about Chernobyl before going there myself. But more about that later - for now, here are some photos of the square near Родина Мать! :)

Patriotic tank, right? Haha..

Hope you enjoyed this little update, more photos and stories about Kiev and Chernobyl will come shortly, see you soon :)

Tags: kiev, sightseeing, travel, travelling, trip, ukraine, Киев, город, путешествие, путешествия, родина, родинамать, украина
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