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Hello from Kiev, Ukraine

Hey, just a little update. Right now I am in Kiev, Ukraine... I am taking a lot of photos to share with you on my blog. How many of you have already been to Ukraine, or Kiev? Do you perhaps have any tips while I am here? I am leaving on Monday. :) On Sunday I am going to Chernobyl, and I will share that with you as well. I have always dreamt of going to Kiev, mostly because it´s the birthplace of ancient Rus, I adore orthodox churches (most beautiful in the world in my opinion), but also because I am very fascinated with abandoned places such as Chernobyl.

Excuse the bad quality photo above, I haven´t had time to transfer photos from my "professional" camera yet, but it will come. This is the Parliament building in Kiev, my view from the hotel... :)

A small quiet demonstration next to the parliament in the early morning today. Not sure exactly what they are demonstrating for here... Do any of you recognise this flag? It is a blue flag with white outlines, and a symbol in the middle, which I couldn´t see from here that well...

Sadly, I can´t visit Odessa or any other city, besides Kiev and Chernobyl, while I am here. I got a few days off my studies in order to make this trip, and I can´t wait to share my trip with you guys!

In the meantime, have a great weekend! And I will post as soon as I get some good quality photos on here! ;)

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