Привет всем!

Вы скучали? 

Я бы хотела вернуться сюда. <3 Что бы вы хотели здесь почитать? 

Ну, и увидимя скоро надеюсь. :) 

С рождеством!!!!

С рождеством, readers, especially those of you who are orthodox. I hope you had a wonderful christmas (or day off work), and would like to hear about some traditions maybe some of you guys have during this day? If you have any, if you celebrate Orthodox christmas at all, please feel free to share your stories and traditions, maybe even photos in the comments.. I would be very happy!!!

New post coming soon :)

С новым годом, ребята! / Happy New Years! <3

YES, to answer adri_an's question, YES, we do celebrate New Years Eve in Norway! Doesn't everybody?! In Norway we celebrate Christmas (24th of December in the evening, protestant Lutheran church) and New Year! So basically 24th-2nd of January is holidays for us. I've spent most of these days working when it's not red days, so I haven't had much of a christmas holiday this year... sadly. But I do have some cool news, and a lot of things to write about now that I finally have holidays and much more time on my hands!!!

I missed my blog and all my readers very much, and I will update you all as has been promised so long. But firstly, I wish to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEARS, с новым годом вам! I wish you all happiness, new experiences and opportunities, and I hope you will continue reading my blog and leaving me interesting comments and questions, I appreciate it very much.

What are your plans for the New Year? I'm making a dinner with my friends; turkey dinner kind of American/British style, with gravy (brown sauce) and lots of vegetables. For dessert we are going to have Riskrem with strawberry sauce, riskrem is like a rice pudding, very creamy and sweet dessert. I will take photos of it and show you in my next post, I think I will make a post with personal photos of my christmas and new years! And of course, I almost forgot, I'll drink red wine and at 12:00 I will pop open a champagne as is the tradition for me during new years! Hope you all have a good time tonight! Party on!

See you very soon with many updates to follow <3

Again, happy new year, folks! :)

Dear readers, here's a little update for you!

Привет всем! I would like to apologize for not being here for awhile... so just a little update for those who actually read my blog regularly; I am in the middle of exam periods and quite busy, so busy my Chernobyl post has come to be last priority on my list of daily doings, and for that I am sorry :(  After my last exam in the middle of December, I will go back to blogging more frequently, and I hope you guys will stick around until then, because I miss reading your comments and writing about my travels and things I do.

From the book I am reading about nation building in modern Russia (Vera Tolz; "Inventing the Nation Russia").

Right now I am preparing for my first exam in Russian politics, it is quite interesting as it covers everything from Peter the Great, until Putins political and economical reforms all the way up to 2014, and everything inbetween. Learnt a lot about political reforms and political movements during the history of "modern Russia", and the idea of the nation and state of Russia and how they differ. I will write more detailed about my thoughts about it after my exams:)

The other exams are in phonetics and grammar of the Russian language. The first semester has covered everything from declensions of nouns, aspect, conjugations including exceptions, all cases in singular and plural, imperative, comparative, as well as general speech, syntax analysis and exceptions of regular grammatical rules. Translations from Norwegian-Russian and Russian-Norwegian is also another important part of our studies. That's a lot of information to process in 3 months and take exams in! Luckily for me I knew lots of it from before, but I learn new things every day, and now I feel more confident in why certain things are written the way they are, and able to explain and understand WHY it is the way it is.
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Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine / Майдан Незалежности, Киев, Украина

Hey, guys! Some photos of Independence Square I took during my walks... and the aftermath / memorials from 2014 protests. Already looking quite good there, there was a huge road next to the square with a photo of every person who died during the protests. I tried not to take too many photos, I generally try not to take too many photos of memorials during my travels, as it might seem a bit disrespectful, and there was a lot of people standing around the memorial sites. Comments, anyone? Anyone who actually saw how it looked like in 2014? Or the aftermaths after it? I'll be glad to hear any personal stories.. Sadly I did not have any guide or anything in Kiev, as I don't know anyone there. :( So I just explored myself, and did some research online prior to going, and after coming home.

Next posts will be about prices in Kiev, and Chernobyl + Pripyat :) I'll be uploading A TON of photos I took in Chernobyl, I can't wait to share them, I look forward to it! :D Anyway, here are some photos of the central square;

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The streets of Kiev, Ukraine / На улицах Киева, Украины

The first day in Kiev, upon arrival, I spent sightseeing, walking around through several places in the centre of Kiev. Of course that includes Maidan (Independence Square), and plenty of orthodox churches! I will make another post about Maidan, as I think there are already plenty enough of photos of random streets and churches around Kiev, and Maidan deserves its own post in my opinion. I've always wanted to visit Kiev, especially considering Kievan Rus, the city of churches and the birthplace of all of Rus... all the legends and battles and stories, and I wanted to see this place with my own eyes... I was NOT disappointed, what a BEAUTIFUL city!

However one thing surprised me... why everything is written in Ukrainian, but everyone (almost everyone in Kiev anyway) speaks Russian? I know people speak Ukrainian in the provinces, etc.. but it was impossible to find any Russian menu, even though the waiters in restaurants and shops and I spoke Russian to eachother. Very strange for me. Can anybody explain that to me? I asked one Ukrainian, who said they just speak Russian at home from way back, but he couldn't exactly explain why everybody else spoke Russian.

Anyway, photos;

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Ukraine, Kiev / Украина, Киев - Родина мать

I'm just chilling by the tanks.

Hey again dear readers! :) I am back from Ukraine, and back to my normal daily life. The trip was amazing, and I have so much to write about and tell you about, but I will do it gradually. First I wanted to share some photos of Родина Мать with you, as I am sure most of you have already seen (maybe even in real life?). It was so tall, and really beautiful. I even visited the war museum underneath it, which showed a lot of objects from World War 2, with a focus on Ukraine during WW2, especially Kiev. It was a museum well worth visiting, and perhaps I will even share photos of this museum with you? But most important is the statue, and the amazing tanks on the square, not to mention the soviet sculptures nearby, with churches and a beautiful sunset really made this day complete. I combined this day with the Chernobyl museum, which I might also make a post about, although it was quite dark in there, but I got a lot of interesting information about Chernobyl before going there myself. But more about that later - for now, here are some photos of the square near Родина Мать! :)

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Hello from Kiev, Ukraine

Hey, just a little update. Right now I am in Kiev, Ukraine... I am taking a lot of photos to share with you on my blog. How many of you have already been to Ukraine, or Kiev? Do you perhaps have any tips while I am here? I am leaving on Monday. :) On Sunday I am going to Chernobyl, and I will share that with you as well. I have always dreamt of going to Kiev, mostly because it´s the birthplace of ancient Rus, I adore orthodox churches (most beautiful in the world in my opinion), but also because I am very fascinated with abandoned places such as Chernobyl.

Excuse the bad quality photo above, I haven´t had time to transfer photos from my "professional" camera yet, but it will come. This is the Parliament building in Kiev, my view from the hotel... :)

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Калинка, калинка, калинка моя! - и мой почерк на русском!

Сегодня мы выучили песню "Калинка" в университете. Да, это была настоящая лекция! Аааах, я люблю русских профессоров :)  Пожалуйста, если у вас хорошие песни (особенно фольк), leave them in the comments below!

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